• Norris Johnson

    When I first heard this version of this song, I went crazy, he be jammin.

  • TheSalvy051

    my first time to hear Ben Tankards music……very relaxing…so smooth…I can feel the music.
    Pls upload more of his instrumental music..tnx…have a blessed weekend.

  • Dominick Segoatle

    This is how I was introduced to Ben Tankard! Best instrumental version of this song I have ever heard!

  • Zballog

    Please put’ it might as we’ll be sping’ that s my dad song . Pleaseif you can we love your musis from The 90 thanked

  • conitamiller

    Played this at my niece wedding reception and everbody loved it

  • chayil763

    very relaxing and well performed. I love Ben Tankard’s music, it is soothing to the soul.

  • rose2212ful


  • BigAl Weimer

    @0917gva, such great comments you give us. thank you very much. your channel is the best.