8 Responses to “Ben Tankard – Ribbon in the Sky”

  1. Norris Johnson

    When I first heard this version of this song, I went crazy, he be jammin.

  2. TheSalvy051

    my first time to hear Ben Tankards music……very relaxing…so smooth…I can feel the music.
    Pls upload more of his instrumental music..tnx…have a blessed weekend.

  3. Dominick Segoatle

    This is how I was introduced to Ben Tankard! Best instrumental version of this song I have ever heard!

  4. Zballog

    Please put’ it might as we’ll be sping’ that s my dad song . Pleaseif you can we love your musis from The 90 thanked

  5. conitamiller

    Played this at my niece wedding reception and everbody loved it

  6. chayil763

    very relaxing and well performed. I love Ben Tankard’s music, it is soothing to the soul.

  7. BigAl Weimer

    @0917gva, such great comments you give us. thank you very much. your channel is the best.

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