Ben Tankard”YOU WILL KNOW”

Ben Tankard’s ‘You Will Know’ Video This song, this man, his music is the balm for my soul. Whenever there are troubles I listen to his music and get immediate calm. God bless him! The guys with him are the gospel group Take 6. ENJOY!

42 Responses to Ben Tankard”YOU WILL KNOW”

  1. anthony37618

    Whos on Drums for this

  2. juneboymusic

    Actually, it’s more like Take 2. That’s Mark and Joey

  3. laurenhooba

    this is so relaxing. r&b always puts my mind at ease.

  4. Arthur Jankins

    This is still that song, even after all these years:)

  5. beviesbox

    Mark & Joey Kibble from Take 6 on vocals … beautiful collaboration!

  6. Nilli Willis

    What are they doing now? Will Downing is turing.

  7. jazzgurl46

    sultry sounds of take 6 know those voices anywhere

  8. William Jones

    I have been listening to Take 6’s music for a long time, and I belive it is very much thiers.

  9. shyguymac

    My tune! Loved it as a child till now!

  10. Valyonga

    Imparts such peace to the soul.

  11. Kenneth G. Calhoun

    Actually, Mervyn Warren left Take 6. Mark Kibble, one of the original founders of Take 6, is still a member. They just released another album BTW.

  12. Nilli Willis

    Joyce Cooling, Take 6, Will Downing and Ben T. yeah!

  13. twoods315x

    Mark Kibble never left Take 6.. that was Mervyn Warren.. Mark is still with the group.. Cedric Dent recently left and was replaced with Khristian Dentley.. they have a new song out and album to be released the 27th of this month..

  14. twoods315x

    2 members of Take 6, not the entire group..

  15. Valyonga

    These are some sweet sounds…

  16. xhy20

    It’s not Take 6 – it features Mark Kibble from the original Take 6, who left the group after their 1st album.

  17. chiliwilly39

    All I can say is WOW!! They would play bits of this music between commercials on the radio, but never would say who the artist was. Man I so glad I finally found him. Going to Amazon for some downloads!!

  18. living228

    Having a bad day? Just listen to him!!!

  19. tinyball48


  20. tinyball48

    King of Gospel Jazz ……..

  21. sistajacqui

    This is a remake of Stevie Wonders song ‘”You Will Know” one of my favorites!

  22. thelma mabula

    i so love is song, it’s like food to the soul..

  23. Arthur Jankins

    That is so true:)

  24. headedsomewhere

    I never thought of it as a “Christian” song, even though I felt the spiritual under tones in it, and if so what better romance than the Bridegroom and the Bride….L.

  25. Damy Campbell

    Its Mark and Joel Kibble .. so technically you can say its take6

  26. pianomusicjosue

    ….I Can Listen To This Song Over & Over….A Divine Deliverance Inside Of Me….

  27. Nilli Willis

    But I only see two, where are the others?

  28. Connie4580

    Yes it is Take six

  29. Nilli Willis

    That’s not Take 6 on vocals?

  30. OSheelah


  31. Arthur Jankins

    tThis song is so chill, just very relaxing! I know that this is a Christian song, but it feels so much like a romantic evening song. Can’t help but feel that way about this song:)

  32. Brandon Aguilar

    i ltike this song, i love it…….

  33. Jazzlady Monique

    I love this song too!! Magnificent.

  34. coreyologist

    Michael Jackson i can’t help it

  35. coreyologist

    A good song to listen to when you wake up in the morning

  36. coreyologist

    A good song to listen to when y w

  37. Sandra Hawkins

    Very Nice! Mark and Joey Kibble really know how to sing the background vocals. I’ve downloaded this one to my Ipod. It’s a keeper! Love it!

  38. Nilli Willis

    Joyce Cooling, Will Downing and Ben-take about a romantic, classy evening.

  39. luvmusik01

    simply wonderful

  40. demetriusmurch

    Man that bass at 2:38. Good night this song is soo cold.

  41. headedsomewhere

    I’ve alwas loved take 6, to bad you don’t hear from them as much as we used to….I’ve never heard this before, nice……………L.

  42. janiah0104

    I have love this song ever since Stevie Wonder sang it in 1987 off of his Characters album.  This version is beautiful also. The guys from Take 6 know they can harmonize this is just beautiful beautiful beautiful!!!!!!!!!

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