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Prayer Warriors Needed

Good day everyone. I’d like to invite those of you that truly know the words of prayer to take part in something I’m putting together for both of my online stations. Basically, I’d like to open up each day with a prayer. I want the prayers to be from ministers and prayer warriors from all around the globe. One prayer would run each day at a chosen time during the mornings unless God instructs me otherwise. I think my listeners would appreciate a prayer to start their day. The prayer should be for the body of Christ as a whole, positive and uplifting. To be a part you would just need to call our comment line and record your prayer up to 3 minutes in length. When you call in, state your name, where you are calling from, your ministry name and location (if you are a pastor) and say your prayer. We will pull those recordings off and edit them for radio. These prayers will air on and To call in and record a prayer, dial (336) 793-2422 – You can record more than one prayer. Thanks for your participation Roderick Carter Sr.

This Is Why It’s Hard For Artist To Get Music Sales

How to get music sales For the past seven years or so, I’ve been Internet broadcasting and I got into it for the soul purpose of helping indie artist and producers, me included to get more exposure. I can tell you that my mission is being accomplished each and every day that we are on the air! I have fulfilled my assignment with excellence and it shows from the support, strong online presence and the massive gospel indie music library the station now has. Internet broadcasters are fast becoming the most cost effective and guaranteed way for indie artist to get exposure and finally be known to the public. While exposure is the main ingredient to becoming a household name that people recognize, exposure does not always translate into sales. I talk with soo many different artist from all over this globe and they all have one thing in common… they need to get sales! If this is you, then you understand the problem. I have and still am passionately seeking answers to that problem as well as a plan of action to fix the problem. My quest for the answer has led to me to basically one solution….

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