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by Roderick



Gospel Song Spotlight:

This promotion promotes your gospel song (if accepted) by randomly spotlighting your song Monday through Friday during the Gospel Song Spotlight segment.
The spotlights run at the bottom of every hour and are purely random.
Your song will receive fifty spotlights.
If available, the announcer will tell the listening audience where to buy the song after it plays.
For more information about this popular music marketing service, please visit


 Radio & Twitter Ads:

This program is a really great promotion because it can be used for more than just music.
You can promote websites, business opportunities, events, conferences, CD releases and more!
Promote your product, site or event for just 30 days or continuously with a really low monthly subscription!
Your ad can be 30 seconds to 60 seconds in length and when it airs it is also tweeted to thousands of real people.

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 Ultimate Gospel Music Radio Promotion:

When was the last time any station gave your CD a listening party?
This promotion does just that along with some other goodies!
You will also get your album cover in an online gospel magazine (Gospel Synergy)!
Plus you are guaranteed daily rotation (if your music is accepted) for 60 days!
This is a really great deal! Find out more at Ultimate Gospel Promotion


The Gospel Music Push:

This is a big one! A Really BIG  ONE!
With this promotion you can literally push your new single (or old one) to a massive amount of people!
You will be pushed very hard for 60 days across three or more gospel stations!
Each station has their own Twitter followers that your song will be pushed to when played.
If you really want to get your songs out of the gate in a big way, this is a great starting point!
For more information visit: