1. pjthompson54

    Its not Christmas till i here dis song ayyye i love you lord your so good

  2. Josh Hanson

    Fun fact! ‘X’ actually stands for Christ! The usage of Xmas is actually old as Christianity itself. The Greek word for Christ is ‘chi,’ and the symbol for that is one similar to the letter X. It’s similar to ‘Xian’ being used to abbreviate Christian. A little history for ya. But don’t worry- you’re with the majority of the population in thinking that the ‘X’ is an attempt to ‘X’ Christ out of Christmas.

  3. jakita barnett

    okay when i was younger me and my siblings would sing this sung and i loved it…THE BARNETT BUNCH!!!

  4. Uriahsgrandma

    Completely awesome! I wish I could have church like that!! 

  5. MrLawman48

    Not true: the “reason for the season” is to sell as much useless crap so the business community can survive in this descimated economy for another year.

  6. Latte Washington

    May God bless you also and have a prosperous Christmas and life

  7. shardia2011

    i love this song. i grew up singing this song in church in all…brings tears to my eyes everytime i hear it….!!!! =)

  8. Mikayla Sweeper

    this song is good. its a good twist to the commercial 12 days of christmas :)

  9. mojoesbean

    I love this version of 12 days of Christmas.
    My name is Evelyn Lunn from Kansas City, MO

  10. MsPrincessnasha

    i love this song its 1 of my favorite christmas carrols nothing better than the gospel version

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