28 Responses to “Virtue Makes You Beautiful”

  1. HaymondStudios

    What a tremendous blessing it is to see young men make a stand for modesty! We need more of this. Our churches need more of this. The world needs more of this. And to top it all off, this video is so fun to watch! Bravo!

  2. Angelica Lorbeer

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for this. I lead a Catholic club for girls in Middle School. I’m trying to help them to see the value of modesty. I can’t wait to show them this!!

  3. Nofyah Shem-Tov

    This is an important message for girls from every culture, nation and religious group.

  4. Ashley Harper

    This really is super great!!!! A lot of men look with only their eyes because of the way girls dress these days and dressing modestly will help them to not only look at you respectfully, but to look at you and see you for you and search deeper than just the outside. We need to think about how we dress and how it can affect others in both positive and negative. Love this video!

  5. Kate Halverson

    I love this!! My 2 year old daughter asks over and over again to “watch the dancing guys.” She even sings along with it. Great message for her to be learning so young :)

  6. Melissa Owens

    Oh my gosh, I work at kohls and hear the original song almost every day, this is so refreshing!

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