Spotlight: ShaKara MoNique

ShaKara MoNique is described as one of the most skilled, pure, well-trained, and well rounded new talents to hit the Contemporary Christian Pop/Rock music scene in the last decade.

Developing her grasp of music from before her mouth could even form words, music has truly become an import part of ShaKara MoNique‘s life. She learned how to write music at a very early age, by writing her first song at the tender age of 5 (five). As ShaKara has grown up, her parents have helped her to further develop her musical talents by allowing her to sing with various choirs and groups throughout her young life. With this deep love for ministering to the hurting hearts of people around the world, ShaKara MoNique is striving towards her goal of writing for other artists in the industry.

ShaKara MoNique truly has a deeply wrought passion for Praise & Worship, and with this passion rooted in God’s word, she will soon begin traveling the world leading and worshiping with God’s people in a way that most people have never experienced.

ShaKara’s debut CD, UN4GOT10 DESTINY is set to release later this year. The new album has mostly been written by ShaKara along with two of the most well respected Music Producers in the business, Joseph VanBuren III and Johnny Kyle. ShaKara says that “My goal with this new project is to reach those who are outside of the church walls, and I am so grateful to God for opening these new doors and I know there are greater things to come for me in the future”. Her first single released from the album, entitled Destiny, is now available on iTunes and her second singleGive You Praise will soon follow.

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2 thoughts on “Spotlight: ShaKara MoNique”

  1. She has a very unique sound but what I like most is that her message about Christ comes across clear. Some artist have a worldly sound and their message has little to no substance. This is not the case for Shakara, she is saying something in her music and there is no mistake that it’s about God.

    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You have NO IDEA how much your comment has touched my heart. It confirmed in my spirit that I am on the right track. You have blessed my soul so today. I shared your comment on my music page. There is a new fire lit in me. THANK YOU! THANK YOU JESUS!!! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!!!!

      Much Love,
      ShaKara Monique

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