This Is Why It’s Hard For Artist To Get Music Sales

How to get music sales

For the past seven years or so, I’ve been Internet broadcasting and I got into it for the soul purpose of helping indie artist and producers, me included to get more exposure. I can tell you that my mission is being accomplished each and every day that we are on the air!

I have fulfilled my assignment with excellence and it shows from the support, strong online presence and the massive gospel indie music library the station now has.

Internet broadcasters are fast becoming the most cost effective and guaranteed way for indie artist to get exposure and finally be known to the public.

While exposure is the main ingredient to becoming a household name that people recognize, exposure does not always translate into sales.

I talk with soo many different artist from all over this globe and they all have one thing in common… they need to get sales!

If this is you, then you understand the problem. I have and still am passionately seeking answers to that problem as well as a plan of action to fix the problem.

My quest for the answer has led to me to basically one solution….

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Most artist have a Twitter account, a MySpace page, a Facebook page, a Youtube channel and even their own site and they are active on these networks.

And most artist have hundreds of “friends”…

So what’s the hold up on sales?


Here’s probably what is happening:

When social media started to become a factor in online success, many people didn’t and today still don’t know how to effectively use it. Therefore we all did what? …..

We started racking up high friend counts thinking that having all of these “friends” on our social page made us look “important” or “special” or “popular”.

I’m guilty myself of doing the exact same thing!

Here’s the problem – we got all of those people to friend us but at the end of the day those people really don’t know us. We assumed that if they friend me, then it’s possible they might buy my CD or song (and some probably do). So we ended up with 5,000 friends but maybe 20 of them actually know and like us.

The reason artist are not making sales is not that they don’t have enough followers but it’s the fact these artist have not figured out a way to get those followers to truly like them as a person.

But you say, “My music is all of that and then some” – sure it is ….. to you and the fifty other people within your immediate reach!

See, people mostly buy music from artist they actually like and not always because the beat is hot or the song is great. The only people who buy music based on the quality of the music alone are those people who are deeply into music and into how well it’s written, produced, arranged and performed. Everyone else basically buy because they really like the artist as a person (when people really like you, they support you).

Think about it for a minute… did you really buy Michael Jackson’s music because of the music itself or was it because his life is interesting, he’s interesting, he’s mystical and that he puts on a great show.

If you want people to buy your music you must first find ways to get people to know who you are and get them to like you as a person. We are living in the “Social Age” and that’s what it takes to get people into you. You need to be social but not just social, it has to be done in such a way that people start liking you and talking about you which would cause others to check you out as well.

This my friend is the missing piece of this music selling puzzle:

‘Getting People To Know More About You To The Point Where They Start To Really Like You As A Person And Artist’

It’s not enough to have 10,000 followers if they don’t know anything about you or even like you and your life enough to keep up with you.

You want a million sales this year? Find out how to get a million people into your world and into what you do and who you are, then it will happen for you!



It’s That Simple!



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