Changes To The Old Artist Accounts

There have been concerns about what artist had on the old site in terms of music uploads.
This site is a completely new site that does not have an option for music uploads.
Because there is no option for music uploads, the on site song chart is no longer available.
All of the music and photos that were uploaded will be cleaned from this server.
This move was more of a financial business decision as well as the fact that this new site doesn’t have that option.
We will be adding a function that allows you to embed your Reverbnation and other music uploads onto your profile here.
Let me explain one reason we went this route:
1. People were not buying music from this site as we had hoped for
2. The more music that gets uploaded the more space we have to pay for to make room for it.
3. After six years of this, we felt it was time to make changes.
4. We took a good hard look at what you the members of the site did on the site.
5. Our focus now is to enhance the things you the member actually use on the site.
6. I also feel that this new site will actually work better for artist in the long run.
7. Facebook will loose it’s popularity at some point and we want to be setup to be one of the next wave of social sites that people will embrace.


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