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List of Activities for the Stellar Back Stage Pass Weekend You will see all of the shows below in their entirety, with several guest interviews and surprise guest not listed. CLICK HERE TO WATCH LIVE AS IT HAPPENS! Please make a special note to the time slot that were airing live at Central Standard Time […]

Good day everyone. I’d like to invite those of you that truly know the words of prayer to take part in something I’m putting together for both of my online stations. Basically, I’d like to open up each day with a prayer. I want the prayers to be from ministers and prayer warriors from all […]

If you haven’t seen our Twitter page, you should take a good look at it to see how we are using the power of radio tweets to promote the artist we play and the commercials that we run on the station. My experience as a programmer has allowed me to be very creative and different […]

There have been concerns about what artist had on the old site in terms of music uploads. This site is a completely new site that does not have an option for music uploads. Because there is no option for music uploads, the on site song chart is no longer available. All of the music and […]

We welcome and invite you to join our community of gospel music loving God chasing members! Feel free to signup, tune in, make request and interact with others! We have two satellite sites: We play the likes of: Trin-i-tee 5:7, Rance Allen, Ricky Dillard & New “G”, Evelyn Turrentine-Agee, The Soul Seekers, Deitrick […]