Spotlight: Kimberly Mendoza

Kim Mendoza - I Really Love You

Kimberly Mendoza started leading songs with her church’s youth choir at the age of 3. In this time, she discovered that she wanted to sing for God for the rest of her life. Although, she didn’t always have it easy.

Kim grew up with 7 other siblings. Enough money was hard to come by for a family of this size. Yet, God helped them get through these tough times.Though ridiculed in her early years of school for not always being able to afford the latest fashions, Kim found comfort in singing gospel songs to herself when friends were few. Later, Kimberly took a vow in college that she would only use her voice for Christ.

While in attendance at La Tech University, she traveled and sang with the school’s gospel choir, “Souls on Fire”. After getting married, graduating and having a baby boy in one year, she decided she would continue pursuing more of her goals by furthering her career in music. This decision lead her to record her first single, “I really Love You”. This song can be found on Itunes, Cdbaby,, and Google Play. She has come to find out through all of her life that God has always been there and that he really loves us. It is her desire to share that message with the world!

In society, one of the toughest things you can do is stand for what you believe. Yet, we are taught through the word of God that no matter what the consequence, we have to take a stand……. In light of all the terrible things going on in society, it was my heart’s desire to create an inspirational music video. From the deaths of our children, our BLACK men, to the persecution of the Christians on every hand……. From ISIS using Christians for target practice to the horrible weather that has been killing our families and plaguing our land. I have realized how much I truly I need Jesus. How much WE need JESUS. I pray that this gives someone encouragement and pushes us to pray more for our society. In our own strength we can’t do anything. Yet, we can do all things through Christ which gives us strength. Listen, watch, and Enjoy! Artist: Kimberly Mendoza; Producer: Mark Taylor; Videographer: Phillip Bowman