Spotlight: Wincey Terry-Bryant




“Time to Say”

Featuring the Debut Single

“I Remember”

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Every once in a while a talent comes along who grabs everyone’s attention leaving an indelible impression!  Wincey Terry-Bryant, a native of Jersey City, New Jersey, and world-class professional singer has done just that!  She emerges as a dynamic component and supersized talent for the 21st century.  She is a vibrant powerhouse with a resilient creative edge.  Not only is she a dynamic vocalist, she is a skillful producer coupled with incredible talent as an exceptionally developed lyricist.  This vocalist extraordinaire is certainly destined for success as she inspires the masses globally.


Wincey was born with an intrinsic melodic distinctive rooted in the soils of the church.  It was in this very setting in 1977 that she sang her first solo and blessed the congregation of a small church in Jersey City, New Jersey.  That was then!  Her career has catapulted from the choir stand to an impressive career in the music and film businesses.


On her self-produced debut CD project “Time to Say,” she deliberately opens her heart and allows the infusion of lyrics to take you on an inspirational musical journey.  The title of the project “Time to Say” was birthed from Wincey’s desire to use the gift of song to spread inspiration and hope throughout the world.  This project features the debut single “I Remember” which has reached national and international status.  Currently, “I Remember” has charted at “Number 8” on the United Kingdom Soul chart.  The project was released in June 2012 and offers a taste and see response for the audience.


The project offers various genres of musical styles such as snippets of R&B, upbeat contemporary gospel and the smooth sound of inspirational jazz.  If you love inspirational music at its finest — this CD is just what you’ve been waiting for!  It is packed with rhythmic agility and wave after wave of blessings.  The lyrics are masterfully approached and elegantly oriented.  Success is stamped on this sensational project and it will definitely enhance your music collection.


Wincey’s exceptional vocal talent on this project takes melody and harmony in a completely new direction.  The project is an authentic masterpiece communicating a majestic distinction with a refreshing style.  The project immediately establishes a dialogue with the melody and the lyrics.  Such profoundness

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affirms an uplifting and liberating factor to the listening ear.  The sheer depth and intensity of her stylistic diversity on the project simply raises the bar of excellence.  Amazingly, her vocal qualities encompass an exceptional abundance of inspiration and rhythmic directness with a caliber that is profound.  She effortlessly sings with a personalized melodic/harmonic blend on each cut.


Her repertoire is well-documented with some of the music and entertainment industry’s legendary giants.  She has worked as a background vocalist for Sting, Herb Alpert, Tina Turner, Dorothy Norwood, Tom Jones and Dennis Taylor.  Moreover, she was a featured vocalist for Grover Washington Jr. (“Soulful Strut” CD) and for Monie Love (“It’s A Shame” CD).


A quick glance at her smorgasbord of media credits is quite impressive and validates her authenticity of distinguished performances.  Television credits include: “Soul Train,” “The Arsenio Hall Show,” “Spike & Company Do It Acapella,” “Debbie Allen,” “Bill Cosby,” “Nia Peeples Party Machine” and “Late Night with David Letterman.”  Moreover, Wincey’s voice can be heard on the famed children’s TV series “Sesame Street.”  Radio credits include: “Power of Gospel,” “Power Praise Radio” and “The Reading Circle.” 


Wincey is a dedicated member of the Deliverance Jesus Is Coming Church, Irvington, New Jersey under the dynamic leadership of Bishop James H. Everett and Vanessa Everett.


Wincey’s educational background exemplifies her pursuit of excellence.  She attended Bloomfield, College in Bloomfield, New Jersey.  She holds the elite distinction of receiving life experiences degrees for “Work in Early Childhood” and the “Phenomenal Women Award.”


Wincey is a multi-faceted woman with many talents.  She is the founder and CEO of Winceyco Music and Nana’s Babies.  Her companies provide musically inspired educational programs to schools, churches and other organizations.  She has also produced two educational music CD’s, one cartoon DVC and one children’s book on bullying.


As a visionary, Wincey combined her love for music, education and children by establishing a performing arts troupe that educates audiences regarding serious social issues and academic subject mater in schools and churches throughout New York and New Jersey.


Wincey graciously invites you to authorize the lyrics of her powerfully inspired project, “Time to Say” with the featured debut single “I Remember” to inspire your spirit.  Turn your radio on and share her experience and it will be “Time to Say,” “I Remember.”  You will be glad you did!


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